Wunder Design Challenge

A mobile App to dispatch passenger requests to shuttle driver

Problem statement

Traditional on-demand bus services for rural areas were implemented since years. Customers called the reservation centre and buses arrived 1 hour later to pick them up. No online or mobile booking was available.

Imagine a flexible and decentralized shuttle service without any centrally controlled dispatching or management. The service is only operated by shuttle drivers themselves.

There is an app for customers to request rides and another app for drivers to accept these requests and find the fastest way towards the customer. What would the perfect driver application look like?



User Scenario

1. Drivers are not always driving during work hours. They may receive request while either driving or being at home

2. Multiple drivers may receive requests. The task is assigned to the driver who first responds.

3. Passengers request a ride with location, departure time, the number of passengers and contact information. The app should handle requests as a message from phone call.

“I need to be at church at 10 am”
“I need to leave for church at 9:30 am”

When passenger request a ride, the second one works better for dispatching shuttles. Because this makes passengers consider the traffic and be punctuate with the time they request.

4. Passengers could only request a ride that arrives after one hour, and get a response(confirmation or rejection) at least 40 min before departure.

5. In most cases, drivers are expected to accept the requests.

User Journey


I sketched to brainstorm features that serves user needs, and possible screen layouts.  My sketches kept ambiguity, and focused on quantity.

Competitive analysis


DEsign Decisions

Large "Accept" button, swipe to reject
👎Swipe for "Reject" is too hidden
Large buttons "Accept", "Reject"
👎Indicators make UI too busy
Swipe to accept or reject
👎The gap in between makes no sense
Hi-fi one
👎"Request" takes over large place
Hi-fi two
👎"unread" indicator while reading
Hi-fi three

Handle Incoming request, navigate to task list

Accept requests after checking the schedule

Get requests while driving